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Come On In!

Grand Heritage Federal Credit Union (GHFCU) of La Porte, Indiana has been serving this community since 1964. We are your local community credit union. The Grand Heritage Federal Credit Union Difference:  Banks are focused on making a profit to satisfy their shareholders, while we at Grand Heritage are more interested in providing top-notch, low-cost financial services for our members.  Our members come first!           

Opening an account is easy. Visit us at 201 Koomler Drive, La Porte, IN with your drivers license and we will verify your eligibility for membership.  To establish your membership with Grand Heritage Federal Credit Union, simply open a share savings account.  This account makes you a shareholder and an owner in Grand Heritage.

We Have A Checking Account That Is Right For You.  Grand Heritage FCU believes in making your life simpler.  With our checking accounts, you have a choice...and conveniences.

FREE Unlimited Check Writing     NO Minimum Balance Requirement

FREE On Line Banking                   NO Monthly Service Fee

FREE VISA ® Check Card              NO Per Check Fee

FREE Telephone Banking               NO Direct Deposit Requirement

Overdraft Protection Options          Qualify for a 9.95% APR Fixed VISA          

Checking services include no cost share drafts, share certificates with low minimum balance requirements and overdraft lines of credit. Debit cards and ATMs with no surcharges are available. What does this mean to you? Our field of membership now includes the following:             

Membership Eligibility

  • Persons living, working, attending school, or places of worship in La Porte County.                    
  • Immediate family members of a Grand Heritage member.  This includes spouse, parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, and siblings (step and adopted are also included).
  • Volunteers of any school, church, parish, hospital, or association within La Porte County.

Have you been thinking about changing your accounts to Grand Heritage but you didn't know where to begin?  Let us help you switch to a better financial institution today. We have accounts for every lifestyle. Now is the time to experience the credit union difference!

"The Best Little Deal In Banking" Credit Unions Provide Best Deal!

Article in Money Magazine December 2007

"Thanks, Money Magazine, we've known all along!"

The article, titled "The Best Little Deal in Banking," cited five reasons "why you should join a credit union" including five basic products that credit unions offer to their members at competitive prices. 

For example, an auto loan at a credit union is like "French Fries at McDonalds-classic and reliable," according to the article.  The article also quoted the Government Accountability Office stating, "credit union auto loans carry two percentage points less than auto loans at big banks. The other reasons cited include higher savings rates, lower credit card rates, great deals on mortgages and the credit union perks that banks don't offer!


Savings:  How to earn real money.  While large banks were reluctant to pass on Federal Reserve rate hikes in previous years, credit unions tracked the Fed to offer higher-than-average yields.

Credit cards:  low rates, low fees, low or no penaltiesA 2005 report from the Woodstock Institute, a nonprofit economic development group, found no credit unions practicing "the universal default," a much criticized policy in which your lender raises your interest rate if you default on another lender's loan.  Some credit unions won't penalize you with higher rates even when you're late on their own card's bill. 

Auto Loans:  They're the best-known credit union deals for a reason.  You're more likely to qualify for those low rates, even if your credit history isn't polished or you're a recent graduate just building a credit profile.  "We understand that real life happens, so we'll take a look at the whole picture. We want to work with you."

Home Loans:  Financing you are not likely to get from a bank.  You'll get an interest rate as good as you'd find at a bank, and borrowers save on extraneous fees, an average savings of at least $1000 off closing costs.

Perks: We extend our services far beyond basic banking.  Personal one-on-one financial management help.  We will comb through your credit report with you and suggest how to improve your score.  Online banking to track all your financial accounts. And many many more perks!

Convenience! Convenience!  Convenience!  Shared Branching  This is a national network of cooperative credit unions call Shared Branching that allows our members to conduct credit union transactions at thousands of locations nationwide.  This means you can make deposits, cash checks and make withdrawals from many other credit unions in the nation!  There are over 200 in Indiana including locations in Chesterton, Portage, Merrillville, South Bend, Mishawaka, Indianapolis, and Lafayette...just to mention a few in Indiana alone.  There are many more throughout The United States. It is now possible for you to have access to your money at over 3500 credit union locations, at no cost to you...